Rapper Slikour Reveals The Removal Of Riky Rick’s Music On Streaming Platforms

Riky Rick’s Music Disappeares Without A Trace

Rapper Riky Rick music seems to have been gone with the wind.

The late Rikhado Makhado populary known by his stage name Riky Rick has been trending since the removal of his music from all streaming platforms. Rapper Slikour brought this findings into light when he posted on his Facebook page Slikour OnLife, he posted that Riky’s album Family Values was no longer available on streaming platforms.

“Looks like Riky Rick’s “Family Values” album has been removed from all streaming platforms.”




Some of Slikour Onlife followers stated that it may have been a family’s decision to remove the album, whilst some said that it might be his then label Motiffs having disagreements with Ricky’s family which led to the decision. It’s unknown why is Family Values can not be streamed, all we can do is speculate.

Family Values remains the only studio album the rapper released. The year 2014 saw a peak in his music career when he released the single Amantombazane alongside KwaZulu-Natal rapper Malumkoolkat, the success of the song was soon followed by Amantombazane remix which featured promiment rappers of that time which included Kwesta, Kid X and Nadia Nakai. Boss Zonke went on to release the anticipated album Family Values in 2015, the album went gold which proved to be the stepping stone for Riky Rick’s career.

It’s been a little over four months since the passing of the rapper, his legacy lives through his music. The wife of the late star recently paid homage to her late husband by Tattooing the rapper’s face on her arm. She recent did an interview with digital magazine Arts Of Superwoman, she spoke about her late husband’s passion for the betterment of young people.

“One of Riky’s most critical areas of focus was the youth, the kids, the up and coming generation. It was hugely important for him to find ways to help them elevate them and to grow. His legacy will definitely focus largely on this. My hope is that we can continue to use music and Riky’s messaging to help the youth build something amazing.”

Hopefully his fans will be given an explanation of why his album was removed, the rapper’s music videos