Rapper Kid X gets married to his baby mama with their daughter in a matching dress with them.

What God has brought together no man can separate. It is beautiful to see couples that have been together for years finally walking down the aisle. It might have taken years but finally their love prevailed. Which is something we rarely see couples.

Kid X is one of the most talented rappers and songwriters in the country. He started off at Cash Time along with others. He went on to have a solo career. He is happily married to Dudu Chili whom he has a one year old daughter with. They’ve together for many years now.

They couple had their second wedding after a few months of he paid lobola. Their little princess Zen was there dressed in a beautiful traditional dress. The couple looked amazing and received well wishes from their fans and friends. It is beautiful to see a man do right by his woman. They are unknowingly inspiring many couples.