Radio Host Criselda Kananda Opens Up About Her Health & Weight Loss

adio Host Criselda Kananda Opens Up About Weight Loss & Health

Social activitist and radio host Criselda Kananda opens up about weight loss and health. Kananda has been public about her HIV status, she was among the first few public figures to speak so openly about living with the virus.

We are living in a time where celebrities have to answer to every rumor on social media, from being broke to being sick they are expected to defend themselves or offer an explanation.Criselda Kananda recently posted a side by side of her pictures, picture A is an overweight Criselda and picture B shows a more slender and fit Criselda. She announced to her followers on her Facebook page that she was on a strict diet that will result in her losing weight faster.





The radio host stated that she wasn’t sick or neither dying, she added that she doesn’t have time to record videos explaining her weight loss. Musician Samthing Soweto had to record a clip after his photos went viral which showed a more skinny Soweto, social media users insinuated that he was sick. The artist rubbished the rumors, he stated he was on a diet.

Kriselda stated that her weight loss journey was due to managing her insulin resistance.

“I’m on a weight loss journey to get back to frame 2. Ningangihlebi nithi sengiyahamba, due to you know what. I’m on a very aggressive weight loss journey. It is a deliberate strategy to manage my insulin resistance. Bengithi angisho nje, just put it out there, I don’t have the energy for recording TikTok messages telling you that I’m not sick, andi goishi, I’m just managing. I hope ndiyavakala. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️”