Rachel Kolisi complains about Siya posting horrible pictures of her.

Men don’t understand the importance of always looking beautiful. They make sure to always look beautiful and go to an extent of buying new clothes for every occasion. So it baffles them when men don’t know that. That’s why most of them want a man that can take pictures.

Siya Kolisi is known for being the captain of Spring Bok. He has been playing for the team for many years now. Siya is married to Rachel whom he has two children with. They are raising them together with his younger brother and sister. They are one of Mzansi’s loved couples.




Siya is known for always playing around with Rachel. Which always leaves their fans in stitches. He shared a picture of them in bed with their children. Rachel wasn’t pleased with how she looked and told him he has started. We know for sure that he loves pranking her which she doesn’t like.