‘R234k accommodation’: Mama Joy France debate intensifies

South African sports fanatic Mama Joy has become a beloved part of the country’s sports celebrations and is currently the face of SA sport fans. Over the last few weeks, she has graced the stands in support of the Springboks at the 2023 Rugby World Cup — something that has gotten under the skin of some locals who think it is a complete waste of money.

One rugby supporter headed online to point out that Mama Joy’s accommodation alone has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of rands.



Renaldo Gouws has ruffled quite a few feathers on X where he has been campaigning against Mama Joy’s lavish stay in France.

While the Department of Arts and Culture has backed Mama Joy, Gouws remains adamant that taxpayers should not be footing the bill for her to support the Springboks in France where they recently qualified for the Rugby World Cup semifinals.

Taking to X earlier this week, Gouws shared a photo of the sports fanatic inside the Meliá Paris hotel lobby. He also pointed out how expensive this stay is per night.

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The Department of arts and culture has defended super sports fan Mama Joy and she couldn’t be more happy. Images via X: @chauke_joy
The Department of arts and culture has defended super sports fan Mama Joy. Images via X: @chauke_joy
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Not long after this, he was blasted by social media users who accused him of being jealous and racist. Many of them shared that they don’t mind paying tax for Mama Joy to be the face of SA sports.

“If she was white, you wouldn’t be tweeting nonsense. White people are used in benefitting alone. Leave mama alone,” one person wrote.

While many people are obviously growing tired of his bellyaching, Gouws again headed online to share a rough estimate of how much Mama Joy’s hotel stay has cost this far.

“52 days at the Meliá Hotel at the cheapest rate is R4500 a night. Assuming you booked well in advance and you staying for the duration that is a total of R234,000 just in accommodation. Worth it for 10 seconds of screen time during a match? Suppose I’m just jealous,” he wrote.