R2 Million Gone In 60 Seconds, But It Ended In Tears For Fidelity Employee Zanele Hlophe

A 33 Year old female sentenced to 6 years for stealing 2 million from a Fedelity Cash depot in KwaZulu-Natal, this is a very unfortunate incident that has happened but it is clear that the woman had come up with an elaborate scheme to steal the money from her workplace.

She meant to use the money to do something else but it is clear that she was finally apprehended by the police after being on the run for such a long time, and we know that the members of the public are in a every tough situation at the moment because they cannot allow such criminality to persist.



We have actually seen many cases like this but the perpetrators always get caught for one reason or another, one of the reasons we think they get caught is that they do not consider running away from the country they’re so comfortable in South Africa that they are not ready to explore living in other countries.

Whereby they will be able to enjoy their money which is the thing that gets them in a tough situation in the first place, because if you steal from one particular country it would always be best to run so as to avoid the authorities. But clearly they were not interested in that and she stayed in the country along with other suspects in other cases, and they finally were apprehended or they could have ended up in a situation where they used all of their money.

Zanele Hlophe an employee at Fedelity New Castle stole 2 million from the depot, but was intercepted few hours later by police at Mooi River toll plaza, all the money was recovered. It is unfortunate that this particular woman didn’t get to enjoy any benefits of her crime such as being able to enjoy the money and spend it however she wants, she was left in a very tough situation where she was caught immediately on her way home to have fun.