R.I.P || Two friends died on their way home after watching their favourite Freddie Gwala perform

Johannes Molokomme and David Sello’s love for the seasoned South African singer Freddie Gwala led to their deaths after watching him perform at a local pub . The two friends did not know that watching their favourite artist perform would be the last thing they would ever enjoy before their deaths.

The two friends reportedly made a decision to watch Freddie Gwala perform before they would go to their respective homes . The deceased David Sello’s wife, Grace Mabuza reportedly informed that she was waiting for her husband to come home so that she would tell him how the performance of Freddie Gwala was .


However , she received a very disturbing and heartbreaking update informing her that her husband and his friends had died . The sad news was even reportedly confirmed by the neighbour .The deaths of the two reportedly took place when they were coming from the show , whereby they got hit by a car. They both reportedly died on the spot .

The two friends , David who was 63-years-old , and Johannes who was 30-years-old had reportedly spoken about how they wanted to watch Freddie Gwala .When they were informed about the artist’s plans to perform in Madidi , North West , it was music in their ears . Little did they know that it would be the only with they would realise before their tragic deaths .

Johannes and David

The two eventually met their death fate when they were coming from the show , after they were both struck dead by a car .The deaths of the two fans of Freddie Gwala after attending his show are heartbreaking . Although they died after watching their favourite artist performing , it is devastating that they could not share their joy after the show with their loved ones .

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