R. I. P : Sh Died During A Surgery to Make Her Body Curvy, Ladies Please Accept Your Body As It Is

The things that women do to look beautiful and attractive can leave you in shock. These people put their lives at risk by going through risky surgeries to look beautiful. It seems like having a nice body is every girl’s dream because almost all celebrities are going through processes to make their bodies curvy. Is it social media pressure that is causing all this?

The news of the death of a slay queen in India following a botched liposuction procedure has social media users in a state of shock. As more and more women spend thousands of dollars to improve their appearance, the trend of obtaining Brazilian butt lifts and liposuction treatments has been making ripples across the internet.





Amelia Pounds, a famous influencer, traveled all the way to India in order to obtain a body that could kill. The vast majority of her close acquaintances had undergone BBL and liposuction procedures, and she began to feel pressured to do the same. Amelia passed away as a result of the complications that arose during the operation, which resulted in everything going horrifically wrong. An image of the lifeless body of the 28-year-old slay queen lying in a hospital bed as she was dressed in a medical gown was shared widely on the internet.

This is very heartbreaking. This lady was already beautiful in a way that it wasn’t necessary to go through those surgeries. The Bible said God made a man in his image, so when you try to change your body to be something you are not, it’s an insult to God. Ladies, you must learn to respect yourself and accept your body the way it is. We are all beautiful and attractive in our own ways. May her soul rest in peace and may this be a warning to other women to stay away from trying to change their bodies.

Source: https://twitter.com/instablog9ja/status/1578344582013517824?s=46&t=xUmd1K7dlcz33vUOleoh4Q