R.I.P. Schoolgirl Commits Suicide After Bullying Incident About Sangoma Calling

Many people are heartbroken to learn of the actions that this young child has taken to end her own life, and they have been seen as very disastrous because they are frankly unnecessary. Many people are truly heartbroken about the whole thing, and want something to be done to change the trend of suicide in the country.

We really have staggering suicide numbers in the country which shows that our people are crying out for help and need any kind of assistance that they can get to change their lives because this is definitely not it, we have seen many of such cases and they are alarming.


A learner, 15, from Ndwendwe, who had been expelled for wearing traditional clothing, ended her life despite the department of education allowing her to return to school and this is very tragic because we cannot blame the school and neither can we blame her.

Clearly this matter was not handled in a proper professional manner, and perhaps that is the reason why she has decided to end her own life. Unfortunately, we have never really heard of such a thing before and it makes us wonder what is truly going on and what has gotten these children caught up in such a situation

The learner claimed that because of her ancestral calling, she was compelled to wear Ibhayi over her uniform. Clearly this is something that means a lot to her and she wanted to express her tradition on a manner, where she would feel like she was being someone who was devout to her culture. But the school rules do not allow such activities to be conducted, and unfortunately they had to review her case with the department before allowing her to continue.

The provincial education department expressed its sorrow at the loss of the 15-year-old student from Nombika High in the iLembe area, sadly she took her own life before this matter could be resolved. And this is something that could have been avoided probably the teachers feel bad for their actions, because this is such an inconsequential thing to have happened.