Psyfo shares recent selfie of him and his beautiful wife.

Men meant complain when it comes to taking pictures but they are greatful when they see them. Deep down they know that they save our beautiful moments. Once you see a picture everything from that day becomes clear. That’s why most of them end up opening to the idea of taking more pictures.




Sipho Ngwenya is one of our child stars who was known for presenting on Yotv. He later on went on to star on Generations where he played Ajax. He was a rapper on the show. Years later he is all grown and behind the scenes unlike back then.

He is also a husband to Aamirah. The couple got married years back and are one of our craziest couples. He shared a selfie of him and her from a bunch of selfies that he took this year. His fans couldn’t stop gushing over them. They look super cute together, it is hard to resist.