Psyfo and his beautiful wife celebrate their fifth anniversary

Forever always seems like a lifetime to spend with someone. But the love that people have for one another makes it easy. Some say that marriage is like a relationship but the difference is that there’s a marriage certificate involved. They are right but a marriage is more sacred and very serious. A relationship, one can wake up and decide to end it instantly. While marriage requires a lot.




Sipho Ngwenya is famously known for his former stage name Psyfo. Although he has since dropped the name, Mzansi still uses it. He come a very long way since his Yotv days. He now has an MBA, his a husband and father. He has been married to Aamirah since 2019.

The couple is expecting their first child. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how they are feeling. They are celebrating their fifht anniversary. His wife shared a cute picture of them together, telling him how much she loves him.