Principal Thobakgale Left Mzansi Disappointed After She Did This To Manaka In #SkeemSaam

Principal Thobakgale Left Mzansi Disappointed After She Did This To Manaka In #SkeemSaam




#SkeemSaam fans and viewers is left disappointed after seeing Principal Thobakgale having little faith in Manaka. Principal Thobakgale has disappointed her fans after she voted for Evelyn to be a new principal instead of Manaka.

SkeemSaam fans and viewers think that Principal was being unfair to Manaka after she told him the truth. This come after Manaka wanted to apply for Principal position and seek his friends advice. Manaka has been supporting Principal Thobakgale from the start.

Principal Thobakgale has given Manaka a good advice after many viewers also don’t think he can handle being a principal as he is too soft.

It’s called divide and rule Manaka has her full support and Evelyn and Magongwa are best bombers so if both of them run for the post Magongwa’s evil ways will be exposed and he will only have his support on applying for the post

Mzansi were left heartbroken after seeing that Principal Thobakgale has thrown Manaka under the bridge. Mzansi has been feeling sorry to Manaka after realising that Principal Thobakgale has hurt him. Viewers has been saying that Manaka Is too sweet and honest and he really foesn’t feserve to go through this Pain.

Some fans has been saying that Principal did not lie to him. They saying that he Hoped that Principal Thobakgale would endorse him because they have known each other for years and they are friends.Magongwa’s just eliminating the competition by discouraging Evelyn and Manaka mean while Jakopete’s trying to make sure that Magongwa’s chances are slim by encouraging both Evelyn and Manaka.

Who do you think should be a a new principal of Turf High School between Manaka, Alfred Magongwa and Evelyn in #SkeemSaam. Shar your thoughts and views and don’t forget to comment, like and follow our page for more latest news.