#PrinceKaybee|South African top DJ found it hard to open about his break up with his ex-girlfriend

Respect is what Prince Kaybee has for women because he found it hard to tell the world about the good times that he had with his old ex-girlfriend Brown Mbambo, who he dated in 2019 and they both separated because of the differences that they were having in their relationships.

But a lot has been said about the life of this wonderful man from Senekal in the Free State province, who has made the people of his community proud of the talent that he has shown to the industry, which is something that anyone is still trying about how small towns like this produce a quality DJ.




It has been a hectic week for him after the revelation that he has made about how he feels about his previous relationships, which is something that he does not want to tell anyone about because it might reveal media attention to the whole world.

Our celebs have been trying so hard to make sure that they don’t drag their private life into public because it’s something that can destroy their careers. After all, if they can be allegations laid against them things might take a nasty turn with their promoters.

Kaybee is now having a child with Zola who he started dating when she was in Bloemfontein and the other one was in Durban and they are now having a serious relationship, that might end on them getting married to each other because that’s what a couple needs to take their love to next level.