Prince Kaybee confirms he has 35 brothers and sisters

South African musician Prince Kaybee — real name Kabelo Motsamai — recently left his fans shocked with a very interesting bit of personal information. It all started when one social media user Googled the musician to find out what his real name is. That particular user did not only find out what his real name is, but also that he is the youngest of 36 siblings — and nope you didn’t read that wrong.


While many believed that there might have been a mistake or perhaps an edited image, Kaybee confirmed it himself on X (formerly Twitter).Men like Nick Cannon and Elon Musk have garnered a lot of criticism from social media users who often slam them for fathering as many children as they have.

While actor and TV presenter Nick Cannon has fathered 12 children with five different women, tech billionaire Elon Musk has 11 children.

These two, however, have nothing on Prince Kaybee’s dad who has allegedly fathered a whopping 36 children.The news was revealed after a X user Googled the artist and found that he was the youngest of 36 siblings.

According to the screenshot that was taken from a Prince Kaybee Google search, he is the only child his father had with his mother.

While many initially thought that it was fake news, Kaybee confirmed it by asking why it was news to so many people.

“Lol how come this is news to yall…” he tweeted.MZANSI IS SHOOK
X users in the comment section simply couldn’t believe it and called him out for not revealing it earlier.

“So it’s true..damn, your father needs to come to Botswana and help increase our population,” one person joked while another added:

“Lol why you saying that like it’s normal to have 35 siblings and nah we didn’t know. Do you know all your siblings thought like by name and everything?”