Prince Benza has been arrested in Botswana. The Limpopo born star will be appearing in court soon.

King Monada has set a stage for Khelobedu people to get recognition in music. When he appeared on the music scene people thought he was a comedian especially due to his lyrics.

The second star to come from the Khelobedu people is Prince Benza. The Limpopo Khelobedu speaking star is making waves in the music scene.






His collaboration with the Limpopo queen Makhadzi is bearing fruits. Their Mega song “Ngwaga woo”, loosely translated to this year is still getting people to the dance floor.

Unfortunately Prince Benza has ran in to some legal troubles in Botswana. He was performing in Botswana along side Makhadzi.

In the court papers attached, it seems Prince was in breach of a contract and therefore had a case opened against him.

He has been ordered to surrender his travel papers pending the outcome of the case. We hope he gets proper legal representation soon so that he can come home.