Priddy Ugly his wife Bontle Modiselle and their daughters’ bond.

ou will know God’s love even more when he gives you a child. When he gives you someone who is a reflection of someone that you love. It is beautiful to see a couple welcoming their child together, the happiness in their eyes knowing that they created someone together.

Everyone wants their own family, a home that they go to at the end of the day. Priddy Ugly is a rapper and YouTuber. One of Mzansi’s award winning rappers. He is happily married to dancer, rapper, YouTuber and television presenter Bontle Modiselle-Moloi. They have a daughter named Afrika together.




Africa is a reflection of both of them. The cutest little princess. Priddy shared cute memories between them, telling her just how much he loves her. We are fortunate because we got to see some of their moments that we’ve never seen before. They are doing a good job raising her.