Pretty Will Left In Tears When She Finds Out That Lehasa Wants To Drop The Charges For Khwezi

The present skeemSaam episode left people with questions. What is Lehasa organizing. What kind of information does Peterson have against Lehasa. There’s an extraordinary arrangement going on. Do you think lehasa will marry Khwezi just to quietness her pretty much all that she knows all about his friends and family.






Truly went with her decision , she left her family for Lehasa. Ideally she will adore it since, assuming that Lehasa goes to prison for the murder of Fanie then she will be constrained to get back.

Agreeing how I see Leshole , he is matching the father of his significant other kid. He has hardly any insight into much money he’s going to free just for empressing his darling. Later on he will be poor especially like wonderful’s sidekick.

Exquisite’s mother is an entreating woman yet what she is doing is a backwards of how she should continue with her life. How should she toss out her own daughter.

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