pretty Spring Nail Designs for 2019

Winter season is fast approaching and people from the fashion industry are already gearing towards welcoming the cold months with furs and white. Since most of the prep for the upcoming season is already done, then I think its also about time to tease the public on what will be trending the season after.



Spring nail art is all about flowers and pastels since it is the season in blooms. We see a lot of petal designs over pastel-colored base. Pleasant to the eyes even with applied with abundant colors. Some designs incorporate 3D effect on flowers like shells, beads, and gems. If the design didn’t exploit flowers, like line patterns or characters, most likely they are still rendered over a pastel-colored base


Check out some of the cutest “eye candies” painted on nails here today. Choose early because the world offers a lot and it may take a while for you to decide which spring nail art design would you want to wear as soon as the season changes. Enjoy everyone!