Pretty realise that she will always come second in Lehasa’s life, she ended the relationship.

Being a toxic relationship is not healthy at all. Pretty has decided to end the relationship with Lehasa because he only thinks about his child ,he puts pretty second and he does not care how she feels. Pretty has come to a point where she cannot tolerate how Khwezi is acting up.


It is very sad because Pretty was forced to make an abortion. Lehasa never wanted to be part of Pretty’s pregnancy. He did not even bother to be good to her but now Khwezi gets everything she wants.

Apparently Lehasa was mad at pretty because she turned off his phone while Khwezi was busy calling. She got fainted and went to the hospital because she saw pictures of pretty and Lehasa on Instagram. Lehasa bought a gift for Khwezi to apologize to her. Pretty got emotional after seeing pictures of Khwezi on Instagram. Lehasa does not care so pretty broke up with him.

Man are so selfish , pretty did a good thing. She will never be happy while Khwezi is still on the picture.

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