Pretty & Lehasa Left Mzansi Talking As They Were Seen Looking Like This In #SkeemSaam. See Pictures

Pretty & Lehasa Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media As They Were Seen Looking Like This #SkeemSaam

Today’s episode have left many people impressed after seeing Pretty and Lehasa. Viewers cannot wait to see Turf Monday newspaper with the biggest headline written by Phumeza. Lehasa and Pretty are the couple goal that viewers gushes over. Vuwers cannot wait to see the face of Khwezi and MaNtuli after seeing Pretty’s pictures with Lehasa from the launch.

Pretty and Lehasa has such a good energy they just bring fire to the people. Pretty is standing next to Lehasa while Khwezi has been admitted at the hospital after her baby is said to have dehydrated. Viewers are convinced that Lehasa had something to do it. Followers suspect that Lehasa could have pay the nurse to keep Khwezi sedated.

Khwezi and her amateur hitman ended in trouble as their plan did not work. Peterson have saved Pretty from the hitman. Seakamela’s ancestors have came through for their own again.


Viewers suspect that Uncle is the one who tipped the security because he saw lots of cash at Khwezi’s place. They used to hire hitmen and only payment is cash.

Uncle Phomolo has seen Khwezi with lots of cash not once but twice. Viewers also feel like Lehasa and Phomolo are going to find out Khwezi was behind all this and hide it from Pretty. She’ll have no choice but to break-up with him.

Viewers think that Pretty is still young to put herself into this painful situation. She should just give up on this relationship.

What is your thoughts, do you think Pretty should give up on a man that she love? What is your opinions?