Pretty Left Disappointed After She Found Out That Lehasa Is Going To Marry Khwezi On The 28th

Lehasa and Khwezi’s wedding is by all accounts going down the channel little by little. It seems like Lehasa never cherished Khwezi. She was simply accessible when he really wanted her.

It is only so miserable for Khwezi in light of the fact that she still up in the air to make their relationship work. She is simply eager to get hitched to Lehasa not realizing that Lehasa is only not into her.

Yet, Lehasa leaving Khwezi for Pretty could endanger Pretty’s life. Khwezi is simply excessively perilous and could hurt Pretty when Lehasa choose to leave her.




It is simply evident that there won’t a marry any longer. Lehasa is tipsy in affection with Pretty. Lehasa was prepared to pay Lobola for Khwezi and out of nowhere he adjusted his perspective.

He altered his perspective after he found something that he saw which was replicated from Khwezi’s telephone. He then became dubious and he still up in the air to fix his relationship with Pretty.


Tonight Pretty and Lehasa discuss about the wedding

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