Pretty Is In Big Trouble After Khwezi Found Her With Lehasa See What Khwezi Going To Do

Lehasa Maphosa is not generally keen on Khwezikwazi on the grounds that really recently demonstrated that she was truly Pregnant and she made an early termination, so Lehasa Maphosa laments for the manner in which he treated her and he starts to experienced passionate feelings for her once more, he laments to be in relationship with Khwezi in light of the fact that he caused him to accept that pretty Seakamela was laying in the wake of seeing that video she was constrained her to lie, presently they are planning for marriage and Lehasa Maphosa doesn’t have the foggiest idea how he could tell her that he doesn’t need her.

Since Pretty Seakamela demonstrates to Lehasa Maphosa that she was pregnant with his kid and made early termination, that is where Lehasa Maphosa finds that Khwezikwazi lied about the video of pretty Seakamela, recollect that she constrained her to get out anything she desires her to say on that video.

Khwezikwazi didn’t see that Lehasa Maphosa is not generally keen on her and she is in the middle of getting ready for marriage,she will be disheartened the second she sees that Lehasa Maphosa is enamored with Pretty Seakamela and she will attempt to demolish Pretty’s existence with that video of pretty admitting that she wasn’t Pregnant.






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