Pretty has not been back for a day but Lehasa has already started treating her unfair

Uncle Sifiso told Pretty that she should not come to him again when things get tough for her because she keeps on choosing Lehasa over and over again even when he hurts her emotions. Lehasa was busy looking at the picture of the person that is going to testify against him.

Khwezi snuck up on him to see what he was looking at and she told him that she knew the person in the picture.

Lehasa told her not to sneak up on him anymore because he does not like it.

He then asked her what she remembered about the person in the picture.

When she was explaining to him, she was touching him in his shoulder and Pretty walked in.

She wasn’t happy, she asked Lehasa what was going on and he snapped at her.

He told her that he didn’t have time for her jealousy.

He then called uncle Phomolo and told him that he is ready to go and see the Sangoma that he was talking about.

Pretty was hurt again but Lehasa’s treatment.