Pretty Got Herself In A Big Trouble After She Went To The Police See What Lehasa Going To Do





Pretty didn’t offer Lehasa an excess of consideration toward the beginning of the day since she was pondering everything Leeto said to her, and when Lehasa asked her what was focusing on her, she let him know that it was her Permit test results. Lehasa gave her space. At the point when she returned during the day, Lehasa was prepared to celebrate with her since he has confidence in her. Pretty told him not to celebrate on the grounds that she bombed her test.

Pretty said that she is a disappointment and Lehasa guaranteed her that she isn’t a disappointment.

She let him know that all that she contacts goes in to remains. Lehasa told her that she is savvy, cherishing, and autonomous. Pretty let him know that she isn’t autonomous in light of the fact that her family deserted her and she is living with him and she doesn’t have anything to show for it. She then inquired as to whether that is what he calls autonomy yet he was unable to respond to her.

To attempt to encourage her, he recommended that they ought to go out and eat something however she denied and said that she was not in that frame of mind to see individuals.

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