Pretty Betrays Eunice In The Worst Way Possible

Skeem Saam has been bringing the most fabulous most entertaining story lines since the month of April and now heading to June ,we are still getting hot episodes daily.

So ever since eunice the Executive has got her money from fanie that he left on the crypto USB,eunice has been spending the money like crazy.


Eunice then told her best friend about it and pretty was so happy,however the day she realised that the money was stolen she then decided to back down ,and kept telling Eunice to be careful and should kust save the money up for herself and invest it.

Eunice got angry and said that pretty is only jealous because she does not have anything and that she is still a student.

Eunice has been a party animal until kgosi came along and stole her last remaining money from her.

Now eunice has been acting all crazy since she is also on drugs aswell.

Now pretty and eunice dad has gone to the police to tell them that the money Eunice has been spending comes from lehasa’s pocket which fanie stole.

Pretty decided to tell the truth in all this situation because she sees that her bestfriend will be in danger.

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