Pretty And Lehasa Left #SkeemSaam Fans Talking In Social Media After This Was Noticed About Them

The emotions between Lehasa and Pretty after they they reconcile got everyone in tears. They look so cute together. They are getting back together. Mzansi has been begging Lehasa and pretty to just set their differences aside and try again their relationship again. SkeemSaam fans has been begging For Lehasa Maphosa and Pretty Seakemela to get back together.

After seeing Lehasa Broke Down when Pretty tell him about the pregnancy and abortion, it took him back when they first met. Pretty and Lehasa’s chemistry is something else, it takes you back to the good old days. That Pretty and Lehasa moment, is whats missing between him and Khwezi. Not even Nothile had him like that. It’s how Lehasa was so hurt at the fact that pretty thought he would hurt her and made sure clemy checks on her. That touched Lehasa to the core. No lehasa loves pretty, he was blinded by that khwezi and her lies.





The Telenovela moment between Lehasa and Pretty in #SkeemSaam with the music in the background likely many got many people in their feelings. Seeing Pretty and Lehasa together again was so cute, they make a good couple. Now, Lehasa must do the right thing and leave Khwezi and send her back to where she comes from.

Lehasa and pretty in those 5 minutes today had more chemistry and were more entertaining than Khwezi and Lehasa ever were since their relationship started. Many fans has been waiting for this relationship to work out. Lehasa must marry Pretty and leave Khwezi, he must end things with Khwezi.

For Lehasa saying “I’m sorry” to Pretty is what most of us wish for in reality to get that closure. We now see the angle #SkeemSaam3 is taking with Pretty and Lehasa saga. SkeemSaam viewers would love to see where this connection between Pretty and Lehasa goes but i don’t think they ready for the noise that comes with MaNtuli. MaNtuli and Kwaito are about to go crazy over Pretty and Lehasa when they find out. We now have to sit back and watch MaNtuli, Kwaito and Khwezi ruin this relationship oof Lehasa and Pretty.

It’s going to be the longest 21 days for Khwezi, marriage isn’t going to happen Pretty for Lehasa. Lehasa might not be going to go through with his wedding. We are here for the drama. Kwezi is going to kidnap Pretty again.