” Pray for this brother ” South Africans Left Concerned By Another Loved Celebrity

Being an artist in the entertainment industry seems like glitz and glamour from the outside because of the lifestyle that celebrities show off and how they seem to be living their best lives because their jobs in the entertainment industry provide that for them. But sometimes it is not what it seems; not many people are aware that celebrities in the entertainment industry are also going through their own difficult issues that they are not opening up about, and the majority of the time they suffer in silence, fearing any kind of judgement and criticism from the public. Especially in an entertainment industry like South Africa that is very small and has many celebrities competing amongst each other for opportunities.





It is sad that many of the celebrities in the entertainment industry who were once admired, celebrated, and seen as legends are now leading difficult lives; some of them have just disappeared from the scene only to later open up about the fact that they are struggling because of the lack of opportunities within the industry, especially as they grow older. This has left many of their fans concerned, even about their health. For the past months, there have been celebs who have humbled themselves in front of the public and opened up about their struggles, seeking assistance from the public.