Porsche or G-Wagon? – Happy Simelane’s flashiest cars

No doubt, Happy Simelane lives lavishly and is unapologetically about it. She has the plug and the bling, too.

Over the years, she has wowed many with her lavish life capped with glitz and glamour.No doubt her soft life has often thrust her into top trends, from the flashiest cars to her sense of fashion.




The celebrated businesswoman, producer, reality star, and philanthropist is topping trends after she showed off some of her cars from her impressive car collection that cost a fortune.
Like those before her, she has furnished her craze for cars with some of the world’s best cars. Taking to Instagram, Happy Simelane asked Mzansi which car to use between a Porsche and a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

Her question left many worried about her ‘nice life problems.’The bubbly reality star posted a picture of her two cars and captioned it ‘Porsche or G-Wagon?’

The now-viral post has gained thousands of reactions and comments since it dropped. Many gave her G-Wagon a nod at the expense of her sleek Porsche. Over the years, she has hogged headlines with her expensive fleet.With an illustrious career spanning years, Happy Simelane has quickly become one of the celebrated reality TV stars. She has wowed many with her life of glitz and glamour on ‘The Mommy Club.’

On the other hand, her huge following has since awarded several commercial deals on a silver platter. She is a jill of all trades and has an impressive business portfolio that has often thrust her into top trends.