Popular TV Star Is Mourning The Death Of His Wife Who Sadly Left Him With A 7 Year Old Child.

It is such a painful moment to loose someone you love and raising a child together, it just painful so much. It too hard even to children who are left behind to accept such sad news .

A popular nigerian actor name Ade Wilberforce Ssekirime Muyanja have sadly lost his partner in crime who was also popular known as Mam Aunto which means she was the mother of Aunto, but her real name was Stella . Although it not clear what could have happened to the lady but it clear that the husband is left heart broken by the passing of his wife. He wrote a status on his social media and he said ” I am speechless! Lord may your soul rest in peace, me and Anto will always miss you , gone too soon”, he said on his social platform.

Comments that came through were very sad and many were feeling pains for the child and the father who are currently facing such a difficult times.

Ade is a filmmaker , producer and actor from Nigeria. He is the founder of a Television channel called Focus TV Yange. The death of his wife hit many on Social media platforms more especially to his followers, they feel for what happened to him judging from the comments that have came through.

We would also like to pass our condolences to the family and friends of the decease, may her soul rest in peace, and the child may her so comfortable this time.

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