Popular Traditional Japanese Fashions 2019

Traditional Japanese kimono Dress Ideas 2019 Kimono’s are a thing of real beauty. They come from Japan and are a traditional piece of clothing. They can be worn for many different occasions from casual to formal. The color, pattern and appearance of family crests change depending on how smart the kimono dress is. For example, a kimono made of silk would be considered far smarter than one made of cotton or polyester. Young women’s kimono’s also tend to have longer sleeves to indicate that they are not married.




As you can see below, kimono’s come in a range of beautiful shapes and colors. Different shapes have different names such as the Furisode, Homongi or Komon. The “datemaki” is the wide belted sash that is worn around the waist and holds the kimono in position. For full formal wear, kimono’s are accessorized with fans, hair pins and wooden sandals.

The brightly colored prints and images of animals and flowers lend themselves to children’s clothing very well. As you can see below, this is a smart outfit for a child. But because of the simple shape and playful pattern, it suits the light hearted character of children.