Popular radio presenter and her boyfriend are accused of scamming money from people


They normally says when summer time comes and festive season getting closer, people must be extra careful to everything that is happening around us because people are crying out loud on a daily basis saying they are scammed money through different ways that they fall for, either on social media or even face to face.


According to the source daily sun, a Community radio presenter ( name withheld ) is in trouble after she allegedly scam people a lot of money. The source has revealed the victims who claims that they are robbed by this female Community radio station, the first victim told the source that, she was scammed by this trusted presenter an amount of R35000.00 , she said she trusted her with all of her heart because she has a huge followers on her Facebook page and she is a radio presenter, that the reason she trusted her with the investment she was pitching to her.

The victim told the source that, she was told that she will double her money in the next two weeks. She said the presenter told her that the money will be used to buy sanitary pads for one of the biggest government department and she was told that the money will return doubled which means it will be R66500.00

Another victim said she started to doubt when the presenter told her to deposit the money into her boyfriend account but she had a trust that , she is a Community person she won’t runaway but when days goesby without any signs of the returns , she contacted the presenter but told her she never recieved any money, she requested proof of payment and she submitted it but still says the money was not into her account.

According to the source another victim has opened the case against the presenter and her boyfriend . KwaZulu Natal Police Spokesperson Thenjiswa Ngcobo Confirmed the fraud case opened at Port Edward police station.

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