Popular Maskandi singer said his been attacked by unknown people who tried to kill him,

South African popular Maskandi musician, Quality Biyela posted a video that went viral revealing that, there are people who tried to kill him.

Biyela told the source that he was just leaving his place at KwaMashu hostel heading to Durban CBD, the musician said there were two cars that’s tried to block his way and shot his car.


Biyela posted a picture of his car which is BMW with lots of gunshots. On the video Biyela appeared thanking the lord for saving him after the attack that left him in desbelief.

Biyela also told the source that the incident happened around 9pm on Wednesday evening not too far from KwaMashu Hostel. He went on saying that, when the incident happens, there was a car that’s tried to block his way , while he was confused what was happening, they pulled out guns and open several shots straight to his car.

Source link : https://www.isolezwe.co.za/ezokungcebeleka/ungabazane-ngokudutshulwa-kukanontandakubukwa-1a794674-2ab0-4de6-b956-2a61df00a475