Popular influencer Faith Nketsi recently shared adorable moments with her beautiful family.

Your family is one of the most priceless gifts that God gave you in your life. The relationship that you have built at home countersigns what kind of person you are today. Your family has a big contribution in molding you as a person. As people grow up, they want to start building their own families as they will be independent and responsible.





There are some celebrities in Mzansi whom we have never thought that they would end up getting married and having a family and one of them is Faith Nketsi. The popular Influencer has always liked keeping her personal life as private as possible. She preferred not to share or say much about what was happening in her life.

A lot of people were surprised to hear that she got married and was ready to become a mom as well. Many didn’t think that her marriage would go a long way, but it seems like she and her husband are going stronger. Recently the couple celebrated their baby turning three months in three weeks time. Faith shared some adorable moments on her Instagram account, leaving many of her followers gushing over her beautiful family.

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