Polygamy is a Gift: Mpumelelo Mseleku

Reality TV star Mpumelelo Mseleku recently shared his insights on polygamy, emphasizing that it is not a lifestyle suited for everyone. In this article, we explore Mseleku’s perspective on polygamy as a gift, the importance of conviction, and the misconception that wealth determines success in such relationships.

Polygamy as a Gift:

According to Mseleku, polygamy is not something that can be taught or learned; it is a gift bestowed upon certain individuals. It requires a deep understanding of oneself and the willingness to navigate the complexities of multiple relationships simultaneously. Polygamy should not be pursued solely for monetary gains or social status but rather as a personal choice.



Being in a polygamous relationship necessitates honesty and sometimes involves “testing the waters”. Mpumelole mentions the scenario of pretending to have multiple girlfriends, even when he only had one, to gauge the other person’s readiness for polygamy. The process requires open communication, trust, and mutual understanding between all parties involved.

Debunking the Wealth Myth:
Mseleku debunks the myth that wealth is a prerequisite for practicing polygamy successfully. He shares his father’s journey into polygamy, highlighting that his father did not have substantial wealth when he began. Instead, it was through his commitment, hard work, and dedication that his fortunes improved over time. Mseleku advises against pursuing polygamy solely because of financial affluence, emphasizing that the true benefits and rewards come from within the relationships themselves.