Polygamist Musa Mseleku Jokes About Wanting To Date Babes Wodumo

The majority of the people in the country are aware that loved artist Babes Wodumo is in the mourning process after losing her husband, although she has been seen out and about performing and also honouring her husband the way she sees fit. Babes Wodumo is one of the people in the entertainment industry who have received a lot of praise for her work as an artist, but many things in the past have come in the way of her work, some of those things being personal issues within her relationship with her late husband Mampintsha.

Even with the troubles within their relationship and with people feeling like Babes Wodumo could have done better and chosen a better man for herself, especially at her young age, she still seemed to be very much in love with her husband and would constantly forgive him for his mistakes and breaking her heart. The two also had a reality show that followed their personal lives, and at some point, people constantly felt sorry for Babes Wodumo, stating that she could be trapped in her marriage and that her husband was not treating her right after she complained quite a lot about how he treated her.





But now that he is no longer there, many people feel like she is now free to lead her own life. And she is also a single woman; after her mourning period, she might get into a relationship with another person. And it seems like well-known polygamist Musa Mseleku might just have his eyes on her. Musa Mseleku is known from the reality show that focuses on him and his wife and how they cooperate and live with each other in a polygamous relationship.

The polygamist is known to be someone who constantly adds a new wife to the family, and an Instagram video was shared of him and one of his wives talking. And they were discussing some of the lyrics in the well-known song of Mampintsha, where he stated that Mseleku is a dog, and it seems as if he jokingly stated he wants to date Babes Wodumo. His wife asked him why Mampintsha would say that in his song: is it because he wants to date Babes?

Mseleku then stated that it means that he is top dog; he has never said he has his eyes on Babes Wodumo. And he said Mampintsha is his friend, and Babes is also his friend.