Polygamist and business man Smanga Mabaso attends Durban July with his 3 wives

Polygamy is slowly but surely starting to become so normalized in our society. The culprit of which, is the exposure that polygamous situations on national television programming… namely Uthando Nes’thembu and Mnakwethu. This is why no one blinks twice when they see it.

S’manga Mabaso attended the Durban July this Saturday

The theme of the Durban July this year was “show us your honey” and it brought across many interpretations to the theme. Zamagcaba posted the pictures with her sister wives and husband with a cute caption about them all being together.




Zama herself was dressed in a honey yellow dress with diamante and an ornate pattern, she looked gorgeous. The outfit screamed honey to me. 10/10

Phumzile, the first wife, chose to wear a red dress that was made with a silky detailing. It was simple but the texture was similar to honey and the complimented her skin. She looke quite elegant. 10/10

Nomfundo wore a beautiful purple dress that could be a likened go a flower. The lace detailing at the top reminded me of flowers and it fit her quite beautifully. 10/10

I have to mention that their husband in comparison to his very put together and glamorous wives looked a little but… too simple? One would expect him to step it up for the eve t with dress shoes but sneakers were chosen. His suit wasnt tailored either and looked a little bit too big on him. 5/10

The overall looked though for the wives, their outfits were co-ordinated and stunning. They clearly chose their looks together and it shows.