Podcast and Chill confirms that Natasha Thahane is now a single mother, see this

She is doing great

Natasha Thahane is an actress and a granddaughter to the late Desmond Tutu. She is one of the most talented actresses and people love her. She also worked for Skeem Saam and The Queen. Many young girls look up to her because she is a good person.


Natasha was dating Lorch who is a Orlando Pirates player. They had a baby few months ago and now Natasha is a single mother. Some are saying that they saw this coming because they did not make their relationship public. Natasha is now raising her baby alone with the support from her family.

She is independent and have a good job, I don’t think it will be difficult for her to raise her baby. Young single mothers out there are showing her support to be strong, and raise her baby well. I think she will do great just like all the mothers out there.

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