” Please tell your parents to retire, they are bothering us at work “- Lady says

These days older adults are turning their backs on retirement for many reasons. Some of them love what they do. Others need the money. South African social media marketer @Nomagugu_xo is pleading with young adults to tell their parents to retire because they are bothering them at work. She says they always need help with something and it’s not what she signed up for. People told her to look for another job.

” Please tell your parents to retire they’re bothering us at work.” She said.


” They are bothering everywhere, even on Tiktok.” Said @Rathipa_Rampedi.

“You are still young, get another job with less old people.” Said @VuyiswaMb.

” They are really bothering us, but retirement is no fun. I have met a number of old people who said that retirement life is only nice for those first couple of months to a year, after that, it’s extremely boring.” Said @Lihle Mazibuko.