Please pray for South African musician Dr Rebecca Malope

Dr Rebecca Malope, a South African award-winning musician, took to Twitter today to appeal for people’s prayers for her health and safety. The 53-year-old claims that she was disrespected last night and that she has a broken heart as a result. People approached her and inquired as to what had occurred since they wanted to know what to pray for, but she refused to divulge any information.



“This has left me feeling extremely upset; I have never before been treated with such contempt as I was last night. I thought I’d be alright this morning, but I’m not feeling well at all. Please, South Africa, intercede for the healing of my heart.” She sent out a tweet.

“When I saw your tweet, I was devastated because I had just returned after a night out at Suncity. I pray to God that whatever has caused you pain will not have an adverse effect on your cheerful disposition and pleasant nature. You are a truly remarkable doctor, and you have truly blessed us. Take good care of yourself, Mommy. God is with you at all times.” According to @Maphuti Sepaela.

“As I read this tweet, I am overcome with emotion. We will pray to God, since he is the only one who can restore shattered hearts, and he will hear our prayers. Because there is no crisis that he cannot handle.” According to @AxolileTuswa1.