Pictures: Tamia Mpisane shares scenes from Baby Miaandy’s first-month birthday celebration

Tamia Mpisane took to Instagram to wish her daughter a happy first month’s birthday. Tamia gave birth precisely a month ago to a happy and bouncing baby girl. It seems like time moved quicker than thunder as the baby is a month old. Mind you; baby AM is on her second luxury celebration after being on Earth for a month.

Tamia shared a sweet and heartfelt message for her daughter. She called the sweet little angel a perfect baby girl. Tamia called her baby the most precious and beautiful girl she had ever seen. She expressed that she had never felt so complete in her entire existence.






Tamia Mpisane shares scenes from Baby Miaandy’s first-month birthday celebration

Mrs. AM also wrote about how Baby Miaandy bought her and her husband so much joy. She said now that they have her, there is more love between them. Baby Miaandy is called Baby Bear as she is the child of Mama Bear and Papa Bear.

Balloons and decorations

Tamia Mpisane

One of the corridors of Shauwn Mkhize’s LaLucia mansion was filled with many balloons. All the balloons popped in girly and royal colors. After all, Miaandy is a princess.

One of the gorgeous decor pieces is a backdrop with a message for Miaandy. In the scene, it is written that Miaandy’s arrival bought light and love into the family’s lives.

Birthday cake

What’s a birthday party without a birthday cake. Baby Miaandy got a princess-themed custom cake with the words, “Miaandy is one month.” Princess colors are on the icing, and you can tell it was carefully sculpted.

Still no face of Baby Miaandy

Baby Miaandy

Tamia and her family have still not shared a single image of Miaandy’s face. Why most people do this is to protect their children. Quite frankly, it’s a global practice across all cultures. Tamia, however, shared an adorable picture of Miaandy curled up.

Louis Vuitton for a touch of luxury

What’s Shauwn Mkhize’s family without luxury. Tamia put a Louis Vuitton bag on one of the extra-large teddy bears. The bag could even be a used diaper bag since the family rolls that way.

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