(Pictures) Rebecca Malope ‘s beautiful daughters

Rebecca Malope is a gospel singer who has been in the industry for over thirty decades. Rebecca grew up with her sister who had three kids but unfortunately she lost her life leaving Rebecca to raise her three children. Rebecca raised these kids as her own and this was her blessing as she wasn’t able to have her own biological children. She has shared her struggles of conception and having miscarriages but she proudly raised her nieces and nephew as her own.

The Malope girls have grown and has been in the spotlight compared to their brother. Here are some of their pictures and what they have been up to.
Nolo Malope


She is an actress and TV presenter who has appeared in shows such as Isibaya. Nolo, is also a mom and has tied the knot last year.
Thandeka Malope

She’s a model and a singer according to her Instagram page and It looks like she inherited her mom’s voice as she can sing very well.