Pictures Of Simphiwe: an Ex Generations actress Rocking ‘Makoti’ stunning outfit.

Former Generations The Legacy actress Asanda Foji who played Simphiwe, is slaying makoti attires, and South Africa loves it. A few weeks ago, the actress posted she was getting married traditionally, and now she regularly posts content of herself on Instagram wearing traditional new bride outfits.

In South Africa, when a woman gets married, there are certain clothes she’s required to wear by her in-laws, and this is an intercultural practice meaning most women do this. She wears long-sleeved shirts, head wraps to cover her hair and skirts that reach her ankles.



Although many people congratulated the actress for getting married to the love of her life, many of her fans shared the view that they missed her on the small screen. The actress went into Generations the Legacy and acted for a while, then left the show indefinitely out of the blue just when people started to fall in love with her character.

If we remember her role on Generations, she was the long-term girlfriend of Mazwi Moroka. Since he and his brother fought over who will take over the company, the brothers had envy over one another; the younger brother decided to target the love of his older brother’s life. In that way, he could win over him no matter the outcome of winning the family company.