Pictures of Riky Rick’s 8 year old son leave Mzansi speechless.

Children grow up very fast. One minute they are young and all cute, the next minute they are old and refuse to do what we want them to do. We might complain but it is every parent’s wish to see their children happy and growing.





Riky Rick left so many hearts broken. We are not sure if the rapper knew the kind of love that Mzansi had for him. His death came Unexpected and it still feels like a dream. Our prayers go out to his family especially his children. We hope they understand the kind of man that their father was.

Just weeks after burying him. His son Malik is celebrated his birthday. One of Riky’s photographers shared pictures of the little man all grown up. In one of the pictures he is carrying one of his father’s pictures. Knowing how much he loved them, we hope they know and understand the kind of man he was.