Pictures of Andile Mpisane on the pitch leaves fans in stitches.

One thing about life is that it is not a group work. Not everyone will do things with you or agree you with. It is very important to know yourself and your story. Staying in your lane and doing things that make you happy is very important. And having people in your corner will be a bonus.





Andile Mpisane is one of the most influential rappers and football players in the country. He has a very super mother Shawn Mkhize. She supports him so much that she even got him a football team and named it after him.

Andile loves playing football, many people don’t agree that he is good but he isn’t paying any mind to their opinions. The Royal AM instagram account shared a picture of him on the picture playing. We all wish we could be like him and not mind what other people say about us. Our happiness is what matters.