Pictures: Nomzamo Mbatha’s beautiful birthday photoshoot impresses Mzansi, Her real age is revealed

Nomzamo Mbatha is one of the few South Africa to shine locally and internationally. She is already a veteran in the industry despite only turning 32 yesterday, 13 July. The night before her birthday, Nomzamo threw an impressive birthday party with her friends as she waited a few hours for her 32nd anniversary. On her birthday, Nomzamo went quiet, raising alarms of fireworks on her fans as they expected a blast once she was back online.

As expected, Nomzamo did not disappoint as she came today to share beautiful pictures from her birthday photoshoot. To show how much fans have been waiting, the post of the photoshoots had over 70k likes and 1k comments within 4 hours. Mbatha showed her fans how beautiful and fitting is she being 32 years old. She looked like an angel sent from heaven. Most of her male fans had been crushing to the birthday photoshoot pictures.

Nomzamo Mbatha’s beautiful birthday photoshoot impresses Mzansi; her actual age shocks Mzansi

Nomzamo Mbatha





Before going out on her birthday, the actress shared pictures comparing her life’s reality and what she expected it to be. She took one of her old birthday pictures from the achieves sitting with a birthday cake as she remembered all the ups and downs of life that made her what she is today.

Undoubtedly, being 32 deserved something more special than just a cake. Memories were made, and fans celebrated such a milestone and age with her. As unique as she is known, Nomzamo chose grey as the theme color of her birthday photoshoot. Her make-up was so impressive, with matching eyelashes and fitting earrings, that it was difficult to recognize her. With grey and white balloons all over the place, Nomzamo came out in a beautiful grey roping dress that impressed Mzansi.

Mzansi responds to Nomzamo Mbatha’s birthday photoshoot.

Indeed her fans love her on the screen and in real life. Thousands of fans worldwide celebrated with her on such a special day. Top celebrities also sent her birthday wishes once she shared the pictures. Below are some of the top wishes from her fans:

Watch pictures of Nomzamo Mbatha’s birthday photo shoot on her Instagram page on the source link below.

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