PICTURES: Inside Mihlali Ndamase’s vacation trip in Mexico

The multi-award winning digital entrepreneur is currently not in the country but she is overseas having the best time of her life. On the 26th of November, Mihlali Ndamase was celebrating her birthday and for her birthday vacation she flew to Mexico alongside with her lover, Sidambe. The Forbes 30 under 30 alumni shared on her Instagram story that she is with the love of her life of which she is not going to show because she is tired of the drama that comes with the media. Mihlali says she has grown weary of how the media tends to feel entitled to her in as far as interfering in her love life is concerned.As a hardworking entrepreneur, the best time to take some time off from work and all her businesses is definitely the month of December. She is currently in Nizuc Resort and Spa which is located in the country of Mexico. Mihlali Ndamase loves travelling and does not limit herself within the boundaries of South Africa but she flies overseas. She invests so much in travelling in as far as her travelling essentials are concerned, she has bought herself her beach set from Louis Vuitton that costs R11 000.When she is on vacation, Mihlali changes three times in a day. She has an outfit for breakfast, lunch and supper. She enjoys doing so and does not carry a single beach set along with her but for every day she wears a different one. Her main reason for loving to travel is learning more about other countries, their way of living which includes their traditions, cultures and food. Anyone who knows her, whether a fan, family member and friend knows that she is a lover of food. She always visits different restaurants to rate their food.