Pictures: House of Zwide cast’s fashion on the Fashion week red-carpet see pictures from their page

The fashion week is finally here on House of Zwide and its drama on the drama series. The fashion series has beaten its record for the number of viewers this week alone. Many people are tuning in to the show to watch the big reveal of Onalerona’s identity. The cast and production team did not disappoint when it came to their fashion on the red carpet. They are not only a fashion drama series in name, but the cast members are also fashionable.

Funani’s biggest competitor is his former intern, Alex Khadze, who stole his designs and started on his own. Khadze had a show the day before Zwide’s, and international magazines were tweeting about it, putting a lot of pressure on Funani. However, his show did not disappoint as everyone came out in their full fashionable glory. The gold theme worked well with dancers dressed as miners opening the show with song and dance.

Isaac, Ona, and Rea

The actors of House of Zwide walked the red carpet and were dressed well enough to impress viewers. Faith Zwide came in a gold gown that was accessorized by a yellow coat that reached her toes. When Laz saw her, he sang her raise and took the word out of our mouths. Rea Molapo and Isaac did not disappoint as well. Rea was in a long black gown with silver designs, shoes, and a matching black bag. Isaac was putting on a black shirt which he claimed was made by Onalerona.




House of Zwide cast’s fashion on the Fashion week impresses Mzansi

Faith Zwide

Pearl was wearing a knee-length maroon dress with a ribbon on the sight and glitter designs on the bodice. The sleeves are see-through and half-length. Nambitha took sexy to the next level with a white dress with a long slit on the side and material on the stomach. Ona wore a dress that had a see-through skirt and black velvet material. Shoki had a little gold number while Laz wore a mini black dress and a brown jacket.

The men also did not disappoint as they came in cool suits. Funani stole the show with a gold suit with a black collar. The suit was accessorized with a black and gold bowtie and a white shirt. Nkosi stole hearts in a black suit with a black shirt and left the buttons open to show his rock-hard abs. Soka was borrowed a black and gold suit by Molefe, who was bummed about not attending the show.

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