Picture Show Alleged Limpopo Young Billionaire having Good Time with Lover

South Africa is really an interesting country where all manner of events unfold on daily basis. It is quite disheartening that young people in South Africa can go extra mile just to prove a point on irrelevant stuff.

The man of the moment is a popular self acclaimed Limpopo billionaire known as Hendrick Makuya who is well known for washing his face with two litres of Coca-cola drink.

His news first broke out on the Twitter handle of Advo Barry roux; “Meet the Limpopo billionaire Hendrick Makuya, who washes his face with a two litre bottle of Coke. He feed his Dogs with food and beverages like Cold drink, Doritos, 100% Juices, Wors, Pork, and Pizza. He said he is always drinking Hennessy just to save water. He is also single”.





Ever since Hendrick Makuya went viral people are becoming more curious about who he is and how he actually makes his money.

However, a recent picture of Hendrick Makuya was released online by a Twitter user who captured him having a good time with his alleged lover. The lady in the picture looks way too older than Hendrick but it seems the duo are having a good time with each other.

This are some of the pictures gathered below.

Source: https://twitter.com/simonmthombeni3/status/1574779742053699585?t=iwAKltnxkBNgC6ZNSzUGrQ&s=19

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