Picture of Gomora actress Sbosh ‘Nandipa Khubone’ confusing a bartender with her outfit

A bartender was spotted drooling and looking at Gomora actress Nandipa Khubone while posing for a picture during her recent outing.

Actress Nandipa Khubone plays the role of Sbosh on the Mzansi Magic soap opera Gomora. Famous for her tight and short school uniform in Gomora, Sibongile carries the same fashion aura off screens.

Fans caught the bartender drooling at Nandipa Khubone.

When the young actress uploaded recent pictures on Instagram, her Gomora colleagues and fans couldn’t help but single out a peeping bartender.

Barman caught drooling at Nandipa Khubone

“Bro, in the second frame, couldn’t let this moment pass without admiring”

Her legion of fans insinuated that she was flexing with Mr. Duncan Leballo’s cash and took her pictures using her recently gifted iPhone in Gomora.

“Aishhhh, Duncan’s phone takes nice pictures.”

Sibongile in Gomora

On Gomora, the Sibongile character is a high school teen who stays with Zodwa, her stepmother. She is Teddy’s half-sister and Don Buthelezi’s daughter; he had a wealthy woman who passed away and lost her empire to greedy relatives leaving her husband and daughter homeless.

Sibongile in Gomora

Sbosh and her father found refuge in Zodwa’s home; Sibongile experienced all kinds of lifestyles over the Gomora storyline, but she never lost her fashion sense. She is currently under the dangerous wing of Mr. Leballo, a wealthy businessman and sugar daddy preying on vulnerable school girls.

Raise Nandipa Khubone

The KwaZulu Natal-born 22-year-old actress Nandipa Khubone studied for a Degree in Film making at the New York Film Academy in the United States of America. Before her breakthrough on Gomora, she received a prophecy from The Wife actor Mondli Makhoba that she would be a big name in the industry.

Mondli Makhoba and Nandipa Khubone

“Remember the name Nandipa Khubone,” Mondli Makhoba alerted Mzansi about the new talent set to hit the screens and take filming by storm.