Picture: check out Themba and Mphowabadimo at the Durban July

Durban July is a South African annual event that is being held on the first Saturday of July.

Themba and Mphowabadimo are amongst the people who are attending this event. Themba and Mphowabadimo became popular after their appearance in one of the biggest reality show in South Africa known as Big Brother Mzansi.

They both made their appearance at the show Big Brother Mzansi in season three.


Here is how people on social media reacted after seeing the picture above of Themba and Mphowabadimo.

Based on how people on social media reacted on the picture above, they are implying that this is a special day for them.


It is with no doubt that people on social media has love towards Themba and Mphowabadimo.

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